Positive Outcomes Childcare Limited is an exciting new residential care operation, designed to support children from ages 8 to adulthood, with a focus on development and continued support of young people throughout their journey to full independence.

We specialise in care of young people who may have social, behavioural & emotional difficulties through neglect or trauma, and have developed a series of programs designed to mentor and assist the young person delivered by our experienced team.

Address: 16 Queen Street, Wellington, Telford, TF1 1EH

Therapeutic Model

Our care is therapeutically informed on a daily basis, and our training programme and therapeutic leadership supports us to translate the learnings from leading theory and practice in neuroscience, psychology and relational therapy into the day-to-day practices and interactions within the residential care setting. This is evident in the way our care teams navigate and approach daily discussions with young people, manage and respond to challenging situations, attune to and demonstrate empathy and compassion for the children we care for. Our approach fosters an equally high measure of empathy and guidance to support children to feel safe enough to explore and understand their reactions, whilst also developing a positive solution focused approach to navigating and coping with difficult situations.

Adopting a trauma-informed approach requires us to reflect not only upon how we support the children in our care, but it also requires us to carefully reflect upon and consider the way in which we support, nurture and develop each other as colleagues.

“Listen to your mind, listen to your heart. Never put yourself down and keep your aim high. Positive Outcomes will always believe in you”

At Positive Outcomes, we strongly believe every child or young person we look after has the potential for positive change irrespective of the circumstances which necessitated their placement.

We seek to maximise each child or young person’s potential for social and educational growth and development by working in partnership with education, health, social workers and families to provide a nurturing environment.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Here is a selection of some fantastic feedback that we’ve received from children / young people, organisations and industry professionals who we have worked exclusively with.

Positive Outcomes staff have really been there for me, when others closed the door.

Young Person