Positive Outcomes provides care and education for young people aged 9 – 17 years on admission.


Positive Outcomes is currently operational in the midlands and specialise in caring for young people who may
Be experiencing trauma and crisis.


Display challenging behaviours.


Have experienced multiple placement breakdowns.


Have moderate learning difficulties.


Our homes provide

  • Individual care and education packages.
  • Short, medium and long term placements.
  • Emergency admissions.
  • A family environment.
  • Well appointed homes, finished and furnished to a high standard.
  • Safety and stability of placement achieved through consistency of care delivered by a motivated and dedicated team.


As an organisation we are aware that the requirements of the placing authorities are changing to meet the needs of the young people. We are keen to adapt our services to meet the needs of the purchaser and welcome input as to the need for new provisions.  Positive Outcomes is eager to offer bespoke services in partnership with local authorities.