We are very proud to reveal the results from our 2022 Staff Survey where 100% of our sampled staff confirmed that they were proud to work for Positive Outcomes. We remain committed to our staff through development schemes and other incentives and will continue to make them a focus alongside our primary therapeutic care model for the children that we look after.

Great staff, means better care for our children and we are more than aware of this.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to all of our staff – you are valued!

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Positive Outcomes:

Positive Outcomes Childcare Limited is an exciting residential care operation, designed to support children from ages 8 to adulthood, with a focus on development and continued support of young people throughout their journey to full independence.

We specialise in care of young people who may have social, behavioural & emotional difficulties through neglect or trauma, and have developed a series of programs designed to mentor and assist the young person delivered by our experienced team.