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Although it is always our preference to admit children and young people on a planned basis, we understand that this is not always possible and, at times, young people need to move placement with very little notice. At Positive Outcomes, we are able to respond to the needs of the Placing Authority and will work with Social Workers, young people and their families to ensure that any anxieties around moving in are met with reassurance and ongoing support. The trauma of a placement move for a young person cannot be underestimated.

Just as Placing Authority’s will have high expectations of us, then we will have high expectations of you!

We expect that young people are appropriately supported through Social Work visits, strong communication and sharing of information. We will always put the child first, even if that involves challenges of the Authority. Advocates will be sought for our children if requested or when this is deemed necessary. We can all agree, the consideration of young person’s views, wishes and feelings are paramount in promoting stable placement.

Positive Outcomes Childcare are part of the West Midlands framework.

Positive Outcomes promotes self-esteem through recognition of achievement and praise. We will assist each child or young person to develop the coping strategies and skills required to manage difficulties as they arise in an environment correctly balanced between care and control, protection and risk.  Our staff will always show unconditional positive regard and will not be another adult to let them down whilst the child or young person builds their self-esteem, trust and confidence and tests the adults around them.

“Listen to your mind, listen to your heart. Never put yourself down and keep your aim high. Positive Outcomes will always believe in you”

At Positive Outcomes, we strongly believe every child or young person we look after has the potential for positive change irrespective of the circumstances which necessitated their placement.

We seek to maximise each child or young person’s potential for social and educational growth and development by working in partnership with education, health, social workers and families to provide a nurturing environment.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Here is a selection of some fantastic feedback that we’ve received from children / young people, organisations and industry professionals who we have worked exclusively with.

Positive Outcomes staff have really been there for me, when others closed the door.

Young Person