Here’s some fantastic news from our ‘Birches’ Home that demonstrates how amazing our staff team are with the children and young people that come into our care, touching their lives in a Positive Way and helping them to achieve their own Positive Outcome.

“Last month, we bid farewell to a young man who arrived at The Birches as a child. He came to us at 12 years old, scared, confused, and sad about leaving his family behind. Through hard work and collaboration with CAMHS, his school, and the local authority, we provided him with the support he needed. Thanks to the consistency, good communication, and clear expectations at The Birches, he gradually settled into our home.

Over nearly three years, we witnessed an incredible transformation. He grew into a mature, self-aware, and emotionally intelligent young man. He has now returned to his parents’ care, who have also made significant improvements in their lives and in working with our home.

We are very proud of him and miss him dearly, but we are thrilled that he has achieved his goal and is where he wants to be!”

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Positive Outcomes:

Positive Outcomes Childcare Limited is an exciting residential care operation, designed to support children from ages 8 to adulthood, with a focus on development and continued support of young people throughout their journey to full independence.

We specialise in care of young people who may have social, behavioural & emotional difficulties through neglect or trauma, and have developed a series of programs designed to mentor and assist the young person delivered by our experienced team.